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A few years ago, during an art exhibition in Berlin, I happened to meet Frank passionately working on a new painting. Curious, I approached and discovered him mastering the canvas with a crayon in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other - a scene that perfectly captured his creative freedom and unconventional approach. This encounter marked the beginning of a deep appreciation for his art.

Isah Oral

Frank Lorenz
Frank Lorenz lives and works in Berlin. He still remembers his aunt laughing at him when he was young when she asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. He replied: an artist! So the awareness of wanting to work creatively was there from an early age.

Nevertheless, he first trained as a dental technician, which he said made him crossly unhappy. So whenever possible, he went home at lunchtime to paint, even if it was usually only for a few minutes.
After completing his training and alternative service, Frank Lorenz, who was born in Tübingen in 1973, traveled around the country for a few years, living in a car with other artists and making art.

In 2000, he moved to Berlin and enjoyed the big city. However, it was clear to him that he came to Berlin to create art.

In the years that followed, Frank Lorenz trained as a painter, draughtsman and stage designer.

When asked where he gets his inspiration for his small-format (max. A4 size) acrylic paintings from: "I like to observe, although I live a rather secluded life. I hardly ever go out at night, for example. Anything can inspire me, especially the underground of this city. I'm inspired by movement and life itself," says Frank Lorenz.

The art historian Clemens Ottnad put it in a nutshell as follows:
"As much as Frank Lorenz's works appear to be indebted to spontaneous snapshots - even snapshots of a photographic nature - they are rather astonishing with their virtuoso painterly powers of perception, which know how to organically unite rapid speed and technical mastery."


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