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During a vernissage in Madrid, I came across his works and was immediately fascinated by their powerful expression. The way Boiler celebrates eroticism in his art is both inspiring and touching. Since that day, I have had a deep admiration for his talent. In his works, you can experience the passion and commitment that Boiler brings to each of his artistic creations.

Isah Oral

Juan Boilero
Juan Boilero was born in Cuba but has lived in Germany since 1991. The Formal rigor is the basis of his homoerotic works.

As an artist, he has three values: genuine eroticism beyond the established visual culture, simplicity and humour. Juan Boilero sees himself first and foremost as a cartoonist who draws with scissors. „If someone finds my work amusing, I feel understood,“ says the artist.

Juan Boilero‘s small paper sculptures are nearly 100% made from paper that he recycles himself. The raw materials for his art are the shipping-boxes of our daily lives. He processes them into paper and finally turns them into wonderful men‘s cocks.
Long live the cycle of nature!


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