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Our paths crossed many years ago when I first came across his fascinating works. From that moment on, I was impressed by his creative genius and his unique style. Detlef Pusch is not only an outstanding artist, but also an inspiring person who creates a deep connection between the viewer and art through his works. In this selection of his works, you will discover the diversity of his artistic vision and the power of his personal story.

Isah Oral

Detlev Pusch


Works as a book designer and graphic designer.
Master student of Prof. Helmut Lortz at the University of the Arts, Berlin (then HdK).
I designed all printed matter for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. from its foundation until around 1992. I was also responsible for the appearance of the Schwules Museum, Berlin, for over 20 years.
My poster "Marx Attrax" was honored as one of the best posters of the year 2000.
The book I designed, "Lillian Bassman & Paul Himmel" (Kehrer), received a Mencion de Honor at PhotoEspana 2010 and was also awarded the German Photo Book Prize (2011).
Just like "Eyes on Paris" (2012) and "Ute Mahler Werner Mahler" (Kehrer 2014).

As a photographer, I am interested in the development towards algorithms that show us the world and less and less natural light (IPhone).
„Today, After Your Whole Life“, so der Titel meiner großformatigen Fotowand, die ich für „Constellation“ erstellt habe. Diese Ausstellung im Yuan Art Museum in Chongqing, China, zeigte zum ersten Mal meine Fotografien.


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